You Can’t Sit With Us: 10 Of The Best Quotes In Mean Girls Mean Girls is an enduring teen comedy that will remain that way for years to come. Và these 10 best quotes in Mean Girls are so fetch!

It"s honestly amazing how a movie like Mean Girls can remain such an iconic success nearly decades after its release. Although Tina Fey"s cinematic gem of a film came out back in 2004, it is still just as prevalent và popular today as it was when it first came out.

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Pretty much every single line in Mean Girls is quotable, deserving all the respect và appreciation it can get. Not only does Fey nail burgeoning adulthood themes while interspersing some truth bombs about popularity, she makes us earnestly laugh. So, to display our appreciation here are ten of the most fetch Mean Girls quotes!

This line is about Gretchen Wieners aka one of the three original members of The Plastics. She is no ordinary teen, that"s for sure, considering her hair is so big và her father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel. Makes her a real catch, right? Wrong.

Gretchen is not a very good person or a good friend, despite her claiming to be "such a good friend." Despite her lacking a moral compass & failure lớn make "fetch" happen, we vì appreciate her big hairdo. Gotta give credit where credit"s due!

Mean Girls fans love quoting this line said by Damian as he is dressed as Santa Claus. Damian along with Cady & Janis Ian are trying to lớn sabotage The Plastics as part of a revenge plot. They want to get Gretchen Wieners to lớn "crack," so they don"t give a candy cane lớn her even though Regina gives her one every year.

They vì give one to Glen Coco, though! Although Glen Coco was not cast in the film as a character and despite the fact that the character serves no lines at all in Mean Girls, he is still beloved by the nation as an iconic individual. You go, Glen Coco.

Honestly, where would all of us be if we weren"t blessed with Amy Poehler on our screens? She adds something so bright & sunny khổng lồ our world and whatever role she takes whether it"s big or small, we know she will always manage to lớn make an impact on us.

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Her comedic genius has us laughing so hard our sides hurt. This is certainly the case in Mean Girls as she plays Regina George"s Mom. Even though her role in this movie isn"t huge, it leaves what is perhaps the biggest impact. That takes true talent!


You know your movie is a smashing success when it gets its very own holiday. Congrats Tina Fey! October 3rd is officially national Mean Girls Day. It is all thanks to this little line uttered by Lindsay Lohan"s Cady Heron.

Cady is crushing hard on her classmate Aaron Samuels, despite the fact that he is totally off-limits, "because that"s just like, the rules of feminism." She"s still allowed khổng lồ talk khổng lồ him though... Right? Right. So if he asks for the date on October 3rd, you"re totally allowed to tell him that it"s October 3rd.

One of the most quoted and iconic lines in the entire movie.

Honestly, as terrible as Regina is, we"d love to have a friend like this who would just demand we go shopping with them. Yes, please! This quote from Mean Girls became a popular meme as well, và years later, we still see these memes floating everywhere around the internet.

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If we were friends with Regina George và Gretchen Wieners we would nhái sick a lot too, so we definitely don"t blame Karen Smith for doing it. This happens during a four-way phone call & let"s just say this is no sunny call.

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It is filled with petty behavior and talking behind each other"s backs. When Karen finds out the other members of The Plastics are talking smack about her, she decides she would rather blow off steam at trang chủ than hang out with her so-called "friends".

This line said by Karen Smith has become so popular that millions of people from around the world have made her version of a "sexy mouse" costume into their own Halloween costume.

It"s pretty easy khổng lồ do. All you have to vì is wear mouse ears, và you"re good khổng lồ go! If anyone asks in confusion what you"re supposed to be, all you have to vì is point khổng lồ your ears & say "I"m a mouse, duh!".


Somehow in this day và age we seem khổng lồ have forgotten the whole point of Halloween. At some point, it got lost on us that the whole purpose of the holiday is khổng lồ scare others and to get scared in return. When Cady dresses up as a terrifying bride, The Plastics are genuinely perplexed as khổng lồ why she is wearing an outfit that is so scary.

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When Cady reminds them that it"s Halloween, they are still confused. To lớn them, Halloween is all about who can dress the hottest. Poor Cady!

Grool is a combination of the words "cool" and "great". Cady accidentally says "grool" to Aaron Samuels because she is so excited lớn be talking khổng lồ him.

We all slip up & say the most embarrassing things when in the presence of our crush, so we definitely understand where she is coming from with this unfortunate line. While some people are able to lớn flirt effortlessly like Regina George, the majority of us are stuck saying lines like "grool", but you know what? That"s just the beauty of being human.


Nothing more fun than going to Taco Bell right? It is the perfect spot lớn go lớn when you"re depressed over the fact that boyfriend found out you"ve been cheating on him.

But unfortunately for The Plastics, they can"t go to lớn Taco Bell because Regina is on an all-carb diet. Well that makes total logical sense, right? Wrong! It"s okay, Karen. We"ll totally go lớn Taco Bell with you.

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