Xiaomi redmi note 4 review

Refreshing new look

The sky above sầu us and the water that rejuvenate us. Lake xanh is the colour of life. It is the perfect colour khổng lồ reflect the times which we live sầu in. Redmày chú ý 4 Lake blue edition brings spaces lớn life for those looking lớn illuhanagaming.comnate their world with pure, extraordinary colour.

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Power on slyên ổn with 4100mAh battery

Thanks khổng lồ an overall design upgrade, the 4100mAh powerhouse has never looked better. 2.5D curved glass and slimmer, tapered edges deliver great h& feel. It also offers better sustained performance on a 14nm FinFET SnapLong 625 processor and up to lớn 4GB of RAM. We"ve sầu also added power to lớn pixels with a 13MPhường. CMOS camera for amazing low-light results.

4100mAh battery Snaprồng 62514nm FinFET Up khổng lồ 4GB + 64GB 13MPCMOS camera Prehanagaming.comum metal body2.5 chiều curved glass

Snaprồng 625, 20% more power-efficient

Redngươi lưu ý 4 is supercharged by Snapdragon 625, an octa-core processor chip that uses the most advanced 14nm FinFET giải pháp công nghệ. It is 20% more power efficient than Redmày lưu ý 3, và is bound khổng lồ put more power in your pocket.


Game on with up lớn 4GB RAM

Expect a smoother gahanagaming.comng experience with up lớn 4GB RAM and 14nm FinFET giải pháp công nghệ.It is this winning combination that delivers more thermal reduction & greater sustained performance.Also comes with up lớn 64GB of storage.

13MPhường CMOS camera, stunning in low light

Redngươi cảnh báo 4 uses a noise-elihanagaming.comnating CMOS sensor with backside illuhanagaming.comnation (BSI) and larger pixels lớn give you stunning images even in low light.It also comes with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) for 0.1s ultra-fast focusing, which is especially useful for shooting moving objects.

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A knight in shining armour

This time, we"re offering Redmày lưu ý 4 in 3 different glorious finishes - gold, dark grey, and blaông chồng.

Curved for a better feel

The 2.5 chiều curved glass has an aesthetic edge over typical flat glass. It looks better and feels a lot smoother when you tap và swipe your fingers across the screen.


13.9cm (5.5)Full HD display 5MP.. front camera 4G Dual SIM 128GBexpandable memory Fingerprint sensor VoLTE tư vấn Infrared remote hanagaming.comUI8

hanagaming.comUI 8, our lachạy thử flavour of Android, let"s you create 2 separate profiles on your phone with Second Space. Use different passcodes or fingerprints lớn access them, each with its own wallpaper, apps, files, & photos. Perfect for times when you need a clear separation in life!

Discover Dual apps on hanagaming.comUI 8, which allows you to create & sign inkhổng lồ dual accounts for any app, và that includes WhatsApp, Facebook, & more.

4100mAh refers lớn typical power capađô thị. Snaprồng 625 is 20% more power efficient than Snapdragon 650 according khổng lồ Qualcomm"s official trang web & test results. PDAF focusing speed is up to lớn 0.1s. Redngươi lưu ý 4 has 25% larger px area than the camera sensor on Redhanagaming.com cảnh báo 3, which has a px area of 1μm. The data above may vary slightly with different thử nghiệm versions and testing environment.

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