South Korean artist SHAUN"s rise khổng lồ fame in 2018 was a classic underdog story that took the K-pop world by storm. SHAUN—aka Kim Yun-ho—topped domestic charts with the smash hit "Way Back Home", even surpassing major K-pop acts such as TWICE, BTS, and BLACKPINK

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SHAUN was further propelled to lớn global stardom after "Way Back Home" was remixed by Sam Feldt of Spinnin" Records, with Conor Maynard providing vocals on the English version. In less than a year, the remix hit 100 million streams on Spotify, và remained among the most listened K-pop songs of 2020.

"Way Back Home" would go on khổng lồ change SHAUN"s life forever, for better or worse. Soon after going viral, accusations of chart manipulation were levelled against him. After all, how could an underground artist achieve such massive success overnight? TV

SHAUN and his label swiftly denied the allegations, và a subsequent investigation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports và Tourism cleared his name. Charges were filed against those who had spread malicious rumours, but the damage was done. As a result of the controversy, the musician"s mental health had taken a toll and he temporarily retreated from the public eye.

The producer then made a strong comeback in January 2019 with a string of successful singles, including "Bad Habits" and "Terminal". In April, he enlisted into the military & had khổng lồ go on hiatus once again. Now, the singer-songwriter is finally back with his first project in almost two years: #0055b7. SHAUN sat down with to tell us more about the two new singles: "BLUE (feat. Wonstein)" and "Closed Ending"

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"After returning from military service, I"ve just been working on new songs like crazy," he says about his newfound productivity. "It felt lượt thích my creativity was blocked during the time I was away, but now it"s been revived."

"I"m just so happy khổng lồ show everyone some of the projects I"ve been working on since I returned in November 2020. The two new singles are just the first out of many more that have yet khổng lồ be unveiled. Beginning with #0055b7, I"m excited lớn continue releasing more music down the line." 

Thematically, "BLUE" và "Closed Ending" are opposite sides of the same coin: they both address the end of a doomed relationship. Yet, their different sonic textures and narratives offer ambivalent perspectives. In the R&B-tinged "BLUE", SHAUN oscillates between cool indifference and snarky resentment towards an ex. While the track"s arrangement is deceptively straightforward, backed by clean guitar riffs & a simple trap beat, its lyrics betray the complex emotions of loneliness that come with a breakup. 

On the other hand, "Closed Ending" presents a similar juxtaposition of composition & story. Its melody is breezy, yet the lyrics are heavy and wistful. Despite the title, the tuy nhiên does not promise hopeful closure, but instead a sense of futility that the relationship had already reached an "unavoidable closed ending".

Notably, both singles are also underpinned by a spirit of collaboration—something that has always guided SHAUN’s approach lớn music. Having worked with Korean artists such as SUMIN & OVAN, he approached several collaborators for #0055b7. One of them included the fast-rising rapper Wonstein, who gained attention for his appearance on the hip-hop reality show Show Me The Money 9