Vietnam: A Fast-Growing OTT Opportunity

AVIA’s Vietnam in View Virtual event Explored The Rise of AVOD

APAC is a rich region that has embraced streaming video and Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing opportunities. The Statista market forecast reports that VOD sales are predicted lớn reach US$141 million by 2024, with SVOD making up the lion’s share, estimated lớn have generated US$71m in 2019, and set to tài khoản for US$120m by 2025.

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AVIA’s recent Vietnam In View virtual sự kiện on “The Rise of AVOD in Vietnam”—with leaders from, GroupM Vietnam, The Trade Desk, và POPs Worldwide—delved into what lies ahead for Vietnam OTT advertising as consumption soars.

The Embrace of OTT & Ads

According khổng lồ’s APAC research, Vietnam boasts the highest Smart TV usage (27%) in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese have embraced OTT, with AVOD as the most popular method of OTT viewership: 74% would rather choose a free-streaming or ad-lite platform rather than pay for services. They enjoy điện thoại as much as TV, where content takes precedence over screen size, & the majority of OTT viewers (54%) spend the most time streaming on mobile.

Vietnam also stands out as a place where consumers are more likely to lớn engage in post-ad kích hoạt after watching an OTT ad. Over a third (53%) Vietnamese OTT viewers made a purchase online, in-store, or with a voucher/promotion after viewing an ad.

The OTT Advantage: Local Premium Content 

In a cluttered online space where audience attention span is decreasing, in TV advertising this has fallen from 12 khổng lồ 8 seconds, having content tailored lớn audience interest is crucial. 

“Content is a key differentiator for OTT. There should be windows of exclusivity, governed by time and first-runs before releasing it,” said Andrew Nilbert, GroupM Vietnam’s Chief Investment Officer.

“Premium và exclusive nội dung are uploaded weekly, like music, entertainment, games & comics and we also have two OTT platforms. There’s a lot of content opportunities for brands lớn work with OTT,” added John Xavier, VP of Brand và Ads Solutions at POPs Worldwide.

OTT nội dung providers need to lớn abide by strict local laws in Vietnam, where only licensed publishers are able to broadcast. This ensures agencies/brands are able to buy in a brand-safe environment unlike other video-sharing platforms.

POPs Worldwide’s Xavier said brands should exercise their ad budget on OTT, enabling multiple formats to lớn make ads more interactive and customized. This includes running ads during influencer-led livestreams, nội dung integration within the story, and innovation lượt thích roadblocks, dynamic creatives, takeovers, & contextual ads.

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Measure for Measure: OTT Value

OTT advantages include audience-targeting, high-viewability metrics, and undivided viewer attention, yet ensuring OTT delivers measurable value and proven incremental reach is a challenge.

“We have to make sure viewability metrics can be measured, delivered, và match client expectations,” said GroupM’s Nilbert, adding that agencies và advertisers will be more willing to pay a premium price if there is a proven benchmark on effectiveness against standard videos.

Ad Tech Vendors: A Key tư vấn System

SSPs lượt thích work with publishers to địa chỉ value to đoạn phim inventory so they’re attractive lớn buyers through DMPs for better audience targeting & maximized quality.

According to lớn Anthony Tsang,’s Business Development Director, “An SSP who works with measurement vendors that support brand safety, viewability measurement, & block invalid traffic, can provide better unique inventory for buyers.”

Advertisers and DSPs are more aware of the importance of supply path optimization for the most direct path to lớn inventory. “In a fragmented landscape where there’s more than 10 OTT partners, measuring consolidated or incremental reach is a challenge,“ added Giang Nguyen, Lead Director, Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk. A key benefit for clients running campaigns through a DSP is that it’s all through a single platform.

Moving forward with OTT

Experts agree that while programmatic trading simplifies the supply chain, more should be done to educate clients on the benefits & justification of higher costs.

“We simplified the chain & demonstrated our ability to use multiple publishers và value, but from a client perspective. Unless there’s transparency, và a role between linear TV and video sharing, clients won’t just buy based on existing tech, but on the advantage of the technology,” said Xavier.

There’s a mutual understanding of what can be done on the technology adoption front khổng lồ improve efficiency and user experience. “We’ve seen Vietnamese publishers & advertisers readily adopt technology. Next, is to insert ads in live linear channels khổng lồ create a seamless TV-like experience on digital, and to help publishers manage campaigns more effectively between direct sold and programmatic,” said’s Tsang. He added: “The challenge around positioning và measurement is a fantastic opportunity in terms of unique of content. Clients are actively looking for something different in the đoạn phim space.”