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Park Siyeon is a South Korean actress under Soo Yeon Kang Entertainment. She was a thành viên of South Korean girl group PRISTIN under Pledis Entertainment.

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Park Siyeon Official Media:Personal Instagram: 0_0.1114Fan-cafe: official001114TikTok for her role in the web-drama “Trap”: gang_9ee

Stage Name: Park Siyeon (박시연)Birth Name: Park Jeong Hyeon (박정현)Birthday: November 14, 2000Astrological Sign: ScorpioChinese Zodiac Sign: DragonHeight: 165 cm (5’5″)Weight: 51 kilogam (112 lbs)Blood Type: 0MBTI Type: INFP

Park Siyeon Facts:– She was born in the đô thị of Wonju, Gangwon province.– She is living now in Anyang, Gyeonggi province.– She has two younger sisters và older brother.– Her hanja name means “beautiful kindness”– She graduated from SOPA.– She has a nickname Ddiddi since her PRISTIN days.– She can play piano và violin.– Her specialty is writing songs và making choreography.– Her hobbies are watching movies & comedy shows, & reading manhwa.– She has a lisp.Her favorite seasons are fall và winter.– As for food, she loves cold noodles, pork & milk.– Out of PRISTIN’s members she is most closest to Sungyeon, they have known each other for 11 years.– She got her driving license in December 30, 2018.– She thinks the most important part of a makeup is a lipstiông xã.– Her favorite movie she watches again và again is Little Forest, 2018.Predebut Era Facts:– She started as a child actress at 5 years old.– She became a trainee in 2008 after participating in the TV show SuperStar Pledis.– She appeared in a CF of PPOYA Marble ice cream.

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– She appeared in Pledis Entertainment idol groups’ MVs: After School’s “Bang!”, Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat”, NU’EST “I’m Bad”, Happy Pledis “Love Letter”, Orange Caramel’s “Aing”.Produce 101 Information:– She was given a B rank at the initial evaluation.– She was ranked 25th on the episode 1.– She was ranked 33rd on the episode 2.– She was ranked 40th on the episode 3.– She performed “I Don’t Know”by APink (Group 2) for the first round.– She was given a B rank at the second evaluation.– She was ranked 26th on the episode 5.– She was ranked 17th on the episode 6.– She performed “Me Gustas Tu” by GFriover for the second round.– She was ranked 20th on the episode 8.– She performed “Yum Yum” for the third round. Her team won.She was ranked 25th on the episode 10 & eliminated on the third round.PRISTIN Era Facts:– With her group she participated in the advertisment of So Fantasy Mobile game.She was a co-author of some PRISTIN’s songs like “Over n Over”, “WE”, “WE ARE PRISTIN”, “ALOHA” and “You’re My Boy”– Her roommates in the PRISTIN’s dorm were Yuha (Gyeongwon), Roa (Minkyeung), & Kyla.– She had been an MC of MBC Show! Music Core since April 22, 2017 lớn January 27, 2018.– Her contract with Pledis Entertainment was terminated in May 24, 2019.Actress Era Facts:– She announced her being an actress in May 25, 2020.– She signed a contract with Soo Yeon Kang Entertainment in July 3, 20đôi mươi.

Park Siyeon Filmography:– Educating Kidnappers/A Cruel Attendance (잔혹한 출근) | 2006 – ?– The Cut/Cadaver (해부학교실) | 2007 – Young Ah– Korean Ghost Stories (전설의고향) | 2009 – ?– Sillyên Man & Woman (신림 남녀) | 20trăng tròn, not released – ?– Trap (트랩) | 20trăng tròn – Kang Eunji– Dark Hole (다크홀) | 2021 – Bored Beating Girl in the episode 4

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I love her since Produce 101 days I love her since PRISTIN days I love her role in "Trap" I like her, she"s OK She"s overrated I"m slowly getting to know her