“The King of Vietnamese Music” revealed the moment when love arose with the voice of “Brown-haired Hoa Mi”.

Recently, Dam Vinh Hung just shared a series of photos from 30 years ago, thrilling and commenting on the audience. Many compliments “King of Vietnamese music”
; has an impressive fashion style from a young age, not inferior to the present.

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In particular, when a fan mentioned My Tam: “Do you like Tam these days?”, The singer didn’t hesitate lớn reply: “15 years later, baby”. Through sharing Dam Vinh Hung, when he was 35, he fell in love with the voice of “Brown-haired Hoa Mi”.

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Dam Vinh Hung did My Tam’s hair himself

As a star of showbiz cult music over the years, Dam Vinh Hung still has a “sweet heart” for singer My Tam. The two are “fan-driven” by many fans and want them lớn become a couple.

In 2005, sharing a hot spot with My Tam at The Voice, Mr. Dam suddenly confessed khổng lồ the singer right on television. In real life, the “king of Vietnamese music” also claimed that he would only marry if the bride was My Tam, or “My Tam seems to lớn love me too, so she refuses khổng lồ marry.”

Even 10 years ago, Dam Vinh Hung once revealed that he wanted to marry My Tam but failed.

10 years ago, Mr. The dam wanted to marry My Tam but failed

Dam Vinh Hung admitted: “About My Tam, she really is the lover of my dreams. For a long time, I couldn’t get rid of Tam when I fell in love with her. I love My Tam for her size, height, everything. When we both started the our career, we were equally famous. Everything about us is similar, only our temperaments are opposite, when one likes to stay at home, the other likes to stay at home. Some children like to go out on the street, so they always talk. Tam likes khổng lồ be quiet & empty, so I usually stay at home, but I like crowds. That’s why Tam rarely appears at events. “

Not long after the infection, fans got agitated when Dam Vinh Hung posted a series of photos of him standing in front of singer My Tam’s trang chủ in domain authority Nang. The male singer said: “Being in domain authority Nang, going khổng lồ see a house khổng lồ buy. I want khổng lồ buy this house. I don’t know if the youngest daughter of the landlord’s parents will sell it. Because his hobby is khổng lồ come here to lớn cook banh tet at the front door every year at the end of the year. Whose house is this? “ The male singer also wrote poems: “The waves of life drifted by và the river was over there. My family left the village & never came back. ”

Many fans showed interest, commenting: “Soon you will nội dung a house”, “This house will always be mine, you have to buy it”, …

Mr. Dam used lớn come lớn My Tam’s house in domain authority Nang

Meanwhile, she shared My Tam, she knows her elders’ feelings for her: “I know Mr. Hung likes me, he likes me too, but it’s a completely different kind of like. I also noticed that Mr. Hung has changed a lot from before. He no longer flaunts his affection for me as openly as before, on the contrary, at times he gives me very affectionate looks. It’s safe lớn say that Hung và I are about to lớn find out. As for after this program, if he và I have something to vày with each other, then … only then will we know. “

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