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Global lifestyle & culture creator hanagaming.com

hanagaming.com is evolving inkhổng lồ the global lifestyle and culture creator with products & services that help global consumers’ daily lives and bring greater happiness. We are making forays around the world including Korea, Trung Quốc and Vietnam giới, which are our three key markets, advanced markets in the Americas and Europe as well as emerging markets in Thái Lan và Indonesia.

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KOREA Head Quarters

Established in 1978, LocknLoông xã is creating the global living culture founded on values that place environment and people at the heart of everything và drive sầu lifestyle innovation.

CHINA Corporation

LocknLochồng entered into lớn mainlvà Trung Quốc in 2004 with the opening of Shangnhị Trade Co. Since then, the company has evolved into lớn the leading kitchen, living và culture company in China, the world’s largest consumer market, with solid partnership with Alibabố in sync with the surging online market trover.

Built 95,000㎡ plant in Shuzhou, Jiangsu province in 2007. Serves as a production base for Chinese domestic market, which is one of our main market.

VIETNAM Corporation

Vietphái nam serves as hanagaming.com’s global production hub where the company opened direct sales stores in Parkson Department Stores, Vincom và other shopping malls as part of high-end strategy in the early days. LocknLochồng is also gaining stronger foothold in the top three e-commerce channels i.e. Shopee, LAZADA & Tiki. LocknLoông xã has positioned itself as a premium brvà in Vietphái mạnh earning a spot in the ‘Top 10 Most Trusted Brand in Vietnam’ every year.

In Vung Tau, LocknLoông xã completed construction of heat-resistant glass plant in 2011 và cookware plant in 2012, which secured the company’s chất lượng of manufacturing và stable supply to lớn the market. Today, LocknLoông chồng earns a reputation as the premium kitchen living goods brand in Vietphái mạnh plastics / heat-resistant glass / cookware.

USA Corporation

hanagaming.com USA, Inc. was established in năm nhâm thìn with the goal khổng lồ penetrate into the world’s largest market. We made a successful entry into QVC trang chủ shopping and sustained the momentum by expanding inkhổng lồ major retailers lượt thích Target, Macy’s, Costco and Amazon. Today, LocknLochồng experiences demand as a premium br& sought after by American households.

GERMANY Corporation

In 2010, LocknLochồng opened trade corporation in Frankfurt, which is Germany’s business and finance hub as well as hub for buyers around the world who join annual international fairs in the đô thị, with the goal khổng lồ push deeper into the European market. Today, LocknLoông chồng is present in 14,000+ sales channels including trang chính shopping, big retailers, discount stores and kitchenware stores that generate the company’s highest sales in Europe. Lately, the company is diversifying channels into lớn Germany’s online kitchen living goods and small appliances market.

THAILAND Corporation

LocknLoông chồng entered inlớn Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan in 2003, starting with direct sales stores followed by expansion to discount stores, department stores và other retail network. Using Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan as the regional platsize, the company is pushing lớn take the leading role in the ASEAN market, particularly in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar & Cambodia based on robust sale activities & business management/support.

INDONESIA Corporation

LocknLoông chồng is evolving inlớn a premium kitchen goods brand in Indonesia starting with sale corporation and aggressive PR/marketing activities via TV/magazine advertisement and press meetings in the country. The company recently launched consumer promotions in local discount stores và opened direct sales stores in Jakarta, Surabaya và Metan in an effort to garner bigger market nói qua.


LocknLochồng has 1,300+ retail channels in department stores and discount stores in trăng tròn middle East and African countries. The company lies at the center of the fast-growing living consumables market in the Middle East.

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We encode customers’ personal information: Communication interval that handles customers’ personal information is based on encoding communication. All personal information saved is protect with 128bit encoding or more.We restrict access to lớn personal information : We keep internal organization và manpower handling personal information to minimum. Personal information is used only when absolutely necessary và access khổng lồ the system as well as status of database are monitored real time. Password management and authority khổng lồ access management in the system handling personal information is subject lớn repetitive audit & actions as part of hanagaming.com’s efforts khổng lồ ensure stricdemo management of personal information.We control physical access lớn personal information system : Location of system containing personal information is kept confidential & physical access by operation/maintenance manpower is kept to lớn minimum. Physical access records are documented in accordance with system’s physical access procedures và continuously upgraded through regular internal audit.