Akko 3087 sp ocean star cherry mx switch pbt keycap full antighosting mechanical keyboard cherry mx red


As one of the notable emerging names in the mechanical key market, Akko is offering a fairly extensive product portfolio. With many eye-catching options as well as a choice of switches from Cherry MX or Akko’s own designed/manufactured switches, users can start the trò chơi of mechanical keys at a fairly soft price.

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The two products we reviewed this time were in the Silent line, one of the mainstream Akko sản phẩm lines besides the Tokyo World Tour or the Ocean Star we reviewed recently. Silent models all use the same main white-gray tone as the “legendary” IBM mã sản phẩm M, with a few extra light blue keys to lớn creating a distinctive character.

Classic, nostalgic design

First of all, it should be pointed out that Akko’s naming can be a bit misleading: despite the name “Silent”, Akko does not use the Cherry MX Silent switch. Whether you choose Cherry switches or Akko’s switches, users have 3 familiar options: Red, Brown, & Blue. Both models we tested use the blue switch, và therefore … cause quite a noise, not “quiet” as its name suggests.

Perhaps, the Silent name of this Akko key series mainly refers to the design of the product, the background, và does not attract too much attention. Longtime mechanical key players will probably immediately recognize the familiar tone of “legendary” IBM mã sản phẩm M, with white in the center and gray on the sides. To lớn make a difference, Akko changed some keycap like Esc, arrow, & Spacebar khổng lồ blue. This little change makes Akko Silent’s kiến thiết more interesting but at the same time retains a sense of professionalism in the office – especially when compared with other designs from the company lượt thích Tokyo or dragon Ball.

Due khổng lồ the relatively soft price tag, the Akko also often suffers from a weak point that the shell material is not premium. The ABS plastic shell of both Silent models that we evaluate is the same: the plastic is not too sturdy, slightly bent when stressed, và generally not “good” when holding Leopold or Filco. However, this is just a weakness in the khung of “strict”, does not cause any effect on the use process. Using a plastic case also makes Akko lighter than some aluminum products in its price range, thereby increasing the comfort of pocket for travel.

Not many features

Like other Akko key models, both Silent 3087 and Silent 3108 use removable USB cables. USB Type-C cable that Akko donated with “ton sur ton” color with the key body, quite sturdy, và also has noise reduction. The port is placed quite deep in the toàn thân of the camera, both a plus và a minus point: this placement helps to minimize the risk of damage during use, but also makes removable wire takes longer. Luckily, because USB-C is quite popular, you can completely use compact phone charging wire instead of the ones come with keys (and of course you can also use the cord that comes with the key to lớn charging the phone).

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Unfortunately, this is also Akko’s only “plug-in” feature. Like all other keyboard models being sold in the market, the Akko 3087 and Akko 3108 are not equipped with wireless connectivity via công nghệ bluetooth không dây or the bundled receiver. The keyboard is also not backlit lượt thích gaming keys. It can be said that Akko Silent is a keyboard just for editing: all you can vì chưng is connect lớn a PC, place the key on the keyboard, focus on the typing experience và forget all the extra elements support.

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Keystroke experience: Cherry is better

Does the price difference of up to lớn 30% make the self-designed switch Akko models more attractive? In my opinion, the answer is “no”, especially for non-linear switches like Brown and Blue. Between the two versions of the Cherry switch & the Akko switch, the Cherry version still gives a better experience, firm key travel & a clear sense of bounce. If you lượt thích this type of keys, you can practice khổng lồ press just enough force lớn pass the click, but not press down fully khổng lồ avoid noise when the keys cảm ứng the frame. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that the xanh switch can provide faster typing speed và less force than other types of keys. Those who often have khổng lồ type a lot lượt thích students, programmers or writers will certainly love the “click” sound of the keyboard.

What about the version with the Akko key? It can be said that for those who are not “addicted” lớn mechanical keys, have not passed many keyboards, the feeling of the Akko switch is no different, it is still a click reminiscent of old typewriters. Through testing (1 week of typing), the Akko switch did not make a fairly common mistake on the “clone” switch that received press before or after the click. The high-quality keycap mix also contributes to partially erase the gap between the two types of switches with very different prices. According to the writer’s subjective assessment, the fact that Akko chose the OEM profile is very reasonable for the type of keys that tend lớn type text/code lượt thích Blue.

However, when evaluated more carefully, the Cherry switch still shows its superiority compared to lớn the Akko switch. Even with her best efforts, Akko’s switches still have a higher “shake” than Cherry MX. When holding lightly on the key cover and then slightly rotating, the keys on 3108 Akko will move around a little more keys on the 3087 Cherry. Again, this is a weak point in the size of “strict”, but certainly, those who are familiar with the Cherry experience will recognize this weakness of Akko when used for a long time. It is also hard lớn blame the manufacturer when the price difference between the two versions using Cherry switches and Akko switches is up khổng lồ $ 20.

It should be noted that due khổng lồ the click noise, both Akko Silent models we evaluated are quite noisy, in which the Akko switch feels noisier than the Cherry switch, especially when pressing the space button. Depending on the usage environment, you can choose the Red & Brown switches to lớn avoid annoying bystanders.


Following Akko Ocean Star, Akko Silent continues to show the producer focus on the typing experience. In a price bracket of less than $100, Akko offers both a self-made switch option with a good typing experience and an excellent unique Cherry MX option. Although the shell is not as high-end as expected, the high-quality keycap comes completely khổng lồ help Akko Silent is a good choice for those who just need to feel “cherished” when typing.